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Hi! I’m Ashlee Braxton and welcome to The Happy Choice Podcast. I created this podcast in my own journey of mental health where I realized, happiness is actually a choice. I share stories of mental health, get the professionals to give us some tips and facts to bring awareness to mental health. The more stories and knowledge we share, we can help others. Everyone should know they are never alone.

We live in a world where we think we’re crazy, but we’re not, we’re just human.

This episode is one of my favorites. I sit down with Jayne Wick and we discuss how we healed and now feel after releasing sexual abuse trauma. Sexual abuse trauma is very common but extremely suppressed as society is not so open to speaking about such trauma. Jayne was sexually abused by her two older sisters. I was also abused and in return abused my own sister. Releasing that pain and trauma pushed us to be free. We no longer live in a suppressed fear state of mind. We hope this episode encourages others to not be afraid, be relentless in their search for mental freedom, and find peace within themselves. 
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Welcome back to Part 2 of Transgender Identity with Peyton and Aiden from Those Trans Guys Podcast

I'm very excited to have these two special humans back as they open up and give us a raw interview of bringing awareness to the Transgender Community. 

In this episode we speak about: the difference of gender v sexuality, top and bottom surgery, dating, finding doctors to support the transgender community, and bringing awareness to bullying. 

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Have you heard of such a thing called an Indigo Child? Well, I'm here to tell ya exactly what an indio child is with my dear friend and the Indigo Child guru herself, Abby Oliver.
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Part One of a two-part series with Peyton and Aiden from Those Trans Guys Podcast. Transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. 
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Erin was thriving: a professor, married with what seemed like the perfect life. Until she realized it wasn't. She quit her job, ended her marriage, and committed to a self-awareness journey to find out who she really was and what she wanted. 

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Sam Smith is a great friend of mine and a digital nomad in the world. Sam has traveled to over 30 countries and is proof that you can work, travel and create your own rules to life.

At just 24 Sam has traveled the world, signed projects with one of the world's professional and consumer imaging equipment and information systems, and created his own collective. 

Now in Barcelona, Sam and I discuss:
-Our childhood at school what it was like for Sam at an all-boys school
-Attending university vs not attending 
-The benefits of traveling the world 
-The importance of following your dreams 

Sam now is running his own company in Barcelona and continues to create his own magic. 

Non Wels is the creator and host of the podcast, You, Me, Empathy, a safe space for us feely humans to share stories and to embrace empathy and vulnerability and kindness.

I was blown away with Non's ability to be so vulnerable with the world especially as he shares his story with his recovery from Anorexia. (I highly suggest you read this amazing piece of art) 

Non and I speak about how people feel their feelings, how and why it's important to look inward and discover why we feel, and how we need vulnerability and empathy and self-compassion in order to break down the cultural and societal stigma surrounding mental health.

I'm so grateful to know this guy and I will always appreciate his fight and courage to create a safe place for humans to be themselves. 

You, Me, Empathy Podcast 
Non's Workshops

In this episode, I teamed up with two lovely ladies: Katarina Savignac and Crystal-Ann Dew who are the hosts of their own podcast called: Aries & Alcohol

Both being brought up by single parents, Katarina and Crystal-Ann both bravely share their childhoods and their own journey with mental health. 

We also talk about:

  • Coping mechanisms
  • How mental health is improving through the generations 
  • Women Friendships 

We celebrate 3 women coming from different backgrounds, all with our own issues, finding each other, and building a friendship. 

No matter what we go through, we are all one. 



If you want to join this community of love, join my FB Group.

If you are looking to learn more about mindful ways to reach your fullest potential, I also am a personal development coach. Check out my website to book a consultation call or find freebies!


Special thanks to Katarina and Crystal-Ann.

Aries & Alcohol is a podcast about cocktails - their inceptions, history, and contemporary appeal.



In this episode, I dive into Mindfulness with my dear friend: Erika Marcoux.

Erika has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she's a yoga instructor, and she has her own podcast called: Your Truth Revealed.

She answers these questions for us: 

  • What is mindfulness? 
  • How can people learn how to be more conscious?
  • How is this a shift in perspective for most Westerners?
  • What is some advice for people who are new to mindfulness?


You can check out more about Erika below! 

Your Truth Revealed:
Free Worksheet:


Diann Wingert is a mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs.

She is an expert in ADHD in adult women and the link between ADHD and entrepreneurship.  

Diann gives us her own story and struggles with ADHD, how she overcame them and how she can help you. 

She puts to rest the taboos of ADHD and uncovers how "normal" it is and how to cope in real life. 


You can reach out to Diann on her Website at:


You can find more about the podcast and my own coaching on my website:


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Music by: Davy Nathan 


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